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Solo and with various New York rock bands

No Running in the City and All My Love, appear on a 1979 acoustic solo demo tape alongside early versions of Simon Says Shine A Light(introduced as Hear Me), Little Boy Lost, Safe Neighbourhood, Love Express, three instrumentals and two takes of an unknown and un-named song. The tape originates from the post-Breakfast Club / pre-Emmy period when Madonna was recruiting musicians for her own ensemble. The full story of the tape - remarkable as it is performed almost entirely solo with Madonna playing guitar and singing - appears in the March 2009 issue of UK magazine Record Collector and was featured on MSNBC.
Born to Be a Dancer, an alternative version of Over & Over, Tell the Truth, and I Got Trouble (Roll Over It) taken from Dan and Ed Gilroy's private tapes (1979). Audio excerpts were made available by Andrew Morton on The Daily Beast news reporting and opinion website in 2009 as "The Gilroys' Lost Madonna Tapes". Another song not made available; Trouble is remembered by Ed Gilroy as the first song Madonna wrote (instead of "Tell the Truth", as Madonna recalls).

(I Like) Love for Tender, No Time for Love, Bells Ringing and Drowning are all featured on Madonna's studio demo tape with the band Emmy and the Emmy's in 1980. Other Emmy tracks such as Simon Says are not included here because they were either live recordings or already legally released on a small indie label. They belong listed on the Madonna discography page. NOTE: A studio version of Simon Says is included on the Shamrock Tape. See below for corrected track listing.

Hothouse Flower; and Simon Says; and I Got Trouble (Roll Over It); and Tell the Truth; and Oh Oh (The Sky Is Blue); and Nobody Wants To Be Alone (Once I Thought I Was Good); and Well Well - early recordings recorded on "Shamrock" reel-to-reel tape. Recently auctioned to private owner. Tell the Truth was allegedly the very first song Madonna ever recorded (with the help of Dan Gilroy of the band the Breakfast Club). In 2005 Madonna sang the chorus of Tell the Truth during an interview with Parkinson on UK TV.

Take Me (I Want You); and Best Girl; and Nobody's Fool with "Emmy And The Emmys". Demo recordings of Take Me (I Want You) have leaked online.[22] Live versions of all three songs have also leaked, along with live versions of other Emmy era tracks (already mentioned) from this period.

Prisoner; and Head Over Heels; and Get Away; and Call on Me; - possible early recordings from the Emmys era; Those titles are listed on a hand written set-list spotted in some pictures of a 1980/1981 live gig, taken by photographer George DuBose. Those pictures are famous among collectors as being related to the Underground Club performance. There is actually no evidence that Madonna recorded those songs on tape, they could be compositions written and intended just for live concerts; Some audio-tape from rehearsals (featuring those songs) may or may not exist. The existence of these tracks is confirmed as being on the actual set-list. Those Underground Club pictures can be seen in a large number of fan sites' photo-galleries
We Live in a House Written by Joshua Braun, Janis Galloway and Madonna in 1982. US copyright registration # PAu-1-843-482.[24] It was recorded with the group Spinal Root Gang after Madonna's roommate Janis Galloway introduced her to them. Janis Galloway later became the wife of Michael Rosenblatt from Warner Bros. Sample lyric: "We live in a house, and people just don't care. We live in a house, they don't go anywhere." Madonna screams at one point: "You can't come into my house."

Solo vocal recordings

I Want You, Love On The Run, Get Up and High Society A Pat Benatar style pop-rock Madonna demo produced under the direction of Madonna's first manager Camille Barbone of August Artists Ltd and Gotham Sound Studios in New York City with guitarist Jon Gordon in 1981. All four of these tracks have leaked on the internet in high quality. Two more songs were recorded at Media Sound Studios but not used on the 1981 demo circulating at the time called Remembering Your Touch and Are You Ready For It which are also reasonably easily available for internet download.

Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed) Madonna recorded lead vocal with Don and David for the Was (Not Was) album Born to Laugh at Tornadoes produced in Detroit in 1982-83. The released vocal were by Ozzy Osbourne with backing vocals by Kathy Kosins and Carol Hall. Madonna and John "Jellybean" Benitez are both in the album credits. During a May 2006 Kathy Kosins phone interview with Bruce Baron it was revealed that Ozzy recorded his vocal first. Kathy and Carol added vocals in Detroit. Kathy's vocals were intended to be replaced by Madonna by producer Don Was. Madonna's label Sire Records did not agree to the release and Kathy's vocals were restored for the ZE Records release as a backing track. Kathy then became a longtime Was (not Was) contributor. Madonna originally became involved via her friendship with Stephen Bray and his group The Breakfast Club who were also signed with ZE Records (later acquired by MCA). Madonna requested her original vocal not to be used in an early 1990s remix released as a single in Europe to support a Was (Not Was) Greatest Hits album. Kim Basinger did the new vocals. The '90s remix version with Madonna's vocals leaked onto the internet in April 2008.

Sidewalk Talk Written by Madonna for former producer and boyfriend John "Jellybean" Benitez. The 1983 commercially released version features vocalist Catherine Buchanan on lead vocals and Madonna singing on the chorus and bridge. The original demo version with Madonna on the lead vocal remains unreleased and was produced with Stephen Bray as confirmed by interviews.

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