Sunday, September 01, 2013

Norris Burroughs

Norris was born in New York. He is the son of actor Eric Burroughs who worked with Orson Welles in his grounbreaking production of Voodoo Macbeth. He is a writer, musician and illustrator. He wrote a graphic novel, Voodoo Macbeth, which is an account of the production. He've been fortunate to have met many interesting and talented people in his life, by being on the New York scene a great deal. He was also with the internationally known House Music band Kraze, who had a hit, the Party. He was extensively interviewed for Madonna biographies, most recently by Barbara Victor and Andrew Morton, whose accounts of that period of Madonna's life are accurate and insightful. He met Madonna in the winter of 1978, when she was studying with choreograper Pearl Lang. This intoduction took place at a party Ms. Lang's and her husband Actor Joseph Wiseman's home in New York city. Norris dated Madonna for several months and after they stopped dating, he introduced Madonna to his friend Dan Gilroy, who started her first band. Prior to that time, she had been strictly a dancer. From that point, she left Gilroy with bassist Gary Burke and former boyfriend, Steve Bray, who produced the tracks that got her her first record deal.

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