Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Diferentes Fotos 13

1983 - Steven Meisel - Madmoiselle Magazine
1983 Watson's Madonna Outtake
1984 - George Holy - First Album Cover Re-issu
Andy Warhol and Keith Haring signing a Madonna flier (1985)
Andy Warhol diary backstage of The Virgin Tour
Behind The Scenes of Dolce and Gabbana Shoot
Best Buddy Martin Burgoyne Watches as Madonna Performs Into The Groove at Live Aid, July 13, 1985
Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2010
Chris and Madonna circa '89
Courtney Love, Tina Turner, Madonna and make up artist Kevin Aucoin for Rolling Stone magazine (1997)
Drowned World Rehearsals
Exhibited here in an early rare candid
Ingrid Casares, Magic Johnson and Madonna enjoying basketball in 1994
Joe Bangay Madonna 1982
June 06, 1988 Madonna & Jennifer Grey Tony Awards
June 06, 1988 Tony Awards
Mademoiselle Magazine 1983 outtakes Steven Meisel
Madonna “Vogue” directed by David Fincher (1990)
Madonna adjusting her glasses for photographer Alberto Tolot in 1986
Madonna and Best friend Martin Burgoyne on the shoot of what was supposed to be first album cover, Lucky Star. 1983
Madonna and boys in Little Italy photographed by Bruce Weber for Life magazine (1986)
Madonna and Courntey Love backstage at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards
Madonna and Lola and her Pre Prom Party
Madonna and photographer Herb Ritts photographed by Lorraine Day in Los Angeles (1990)
Madonna as Sarah Jennings in Dangerous Game (1993)
Madonna at Japanese Press Conference 1985
Madonna at Keith Haring’s birthday party 1984
Madonna by Herb Ritts c. 1985
Madonna by Luis Sanchis 1998
Madonna in ‘Ekstasy’ at party with Jean Paul Gaultier in 1990
Madonna Introduces Lucky Star 1984
Madonna on black sand beach in Hawaii photographed by Herb Ritts (1985)
Madonna on the set of Desperately Seeking Susan
Madonna on the set of Express Yourself (1989)
Madonna on the set of the Borderline video with director MaryLambert
Madonna outtake by Mert and Marcus for Interview magazine (2010)
Madonna outtake for Truth or Dare documentary publicity shots by Steven Meisel. (1991)
Madonna photographed by Alberto Tolot in 1986
Madonna photographed by George DuBose performing in her first band at Uncle Sam’s Blues in Long Island (1981)
Madonna photographed by Helmut Newton for Vanity Fair magazine (1990)
Madonna Presents Muhammad Ali Award 1995
Madonna shot by Pierre et Guilles on the set of the Japanese Takara Commercial in 1995
Madonna Versace ‘95 outtake
Madonna W Steven Klein 2006
Madonna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino for The Face magazine. (1990)
Madonna with English Electronica brothers, Disclosure
Madonna, bodyguard Clay, Martin Burgoyne and Virgin Tour dancer Lyndon B. Johnson in 1985
Maripol Polaroid 1983
More Dolce & Gabbana - Creation
No1 Magazine - September 1987 - She Speaks!
Onstage MTV Madonna & Mirwais 2003
Outtake 1987
Sept ‘05 Madonna at the Paris 'Revolver’ premiere with Jean Baptiste Mondino, one of her greatest video directors
Sex Book Outtake
The Ciccone Sisters
The Making of Who's That Girl movie 1987
The Roxy 1983
Vanity Fair 1986 Outtake
Vanity Fair outtake 1992 photographed by Steven Meisel
Virgin Outtakes
Wrap Party Picture from A League of Their Own

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