Monday, March 30, 2015

Diferentes Fotos 2

A 1982 polaroid of Madonna and Debi Mazar taken by Maripol.
A Certain Sacrifice 1979
Adam Alter, Madonna and Camille Barbone 1980
American Music Awards 1985

 Cours de danse (1977-1978)

Cunningham 1982

Desperately Seeking Susan 1985
Early Madonna
Fryderyk Gabowick 1984

Gramercy Park Hotel 1981
Helmut Werb Outtake
Hotel Pierre early 80's
Jacksons Victory Concert le 08.04.1984

Japanese Magazine 1985

Joe Bangay  in London 1983

LID Magazine N°9

Like A Virgin Video 1984

Madonna 80's

Madonna 1981
Madonna 1983
Madonna 1984
Madonna and Martin in 1983
Madonna by Beth Baptiste 1982

Madonna by Steven Meisel

Madonna et Seymour Stein
Madonna Incognito by Andy Warhol 1985
Madonna Vintage
Madonna with Rosanna Arquette 1985

Michael Mckenzie 1985
Modeling 80's

Photo by Richard Corman
Richard Corman (1983)

Richard Corman Unseen Out Magazine}

The Roxy 1983

Top Of The Pops 1984

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