Thursday, March 05, 2015

First Look at Madonna’s “Rebel Heart”

Madonna‘s 13th studio album is out tomorrow in several European countries and here is the first look at how the physical editions of Rebel Heart look like.

Pictured below are the Super Deluxe 2 CD versions, the Deluxe and the Standard editions.

The “heart in hand” image is used as the back cover of both the Standard and Deluxe editions, using two different background colors.

The booklets of the Standard and Deluxe editions are different, with more images included in the latter. The Super Deluxe comes in a fold-out package and doesn’t include any booklet.

The CD of the Standard is black with a red paint artwork and “Rebel Heart” printed in white. The Deluxe comes with a black disc and “Rebel Heart” in red. The Super Deluxe discs are both unique (CD one doesn’t have the same artwork of the Deluxe); they are all black with “Rebel Heart” on CD 1 and “Madonna” on CD 2, both in white.

The Deluxe edition exclusive to Fnac in France. It comes with the bonus disc in a separate cardboard sleeve reproducing the front and back artwork of the 19-track album.

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