Friday, July 10, 2015

Colby Keller

Born                      October 18, 1980
City                       Michigan, U.S.A.
Hair color             Red
Eye Color             Hazel
Height                   6'2" (188cm)
Weight                  181 lbs.
Cock Size             8"
Foreskin               Cut
Ethnicity              White
Sign                      Libra
Dates active         2005 - 2013

Is no stranger to the camera. He's done this sort of thing before and when a friend of his suggested he model for Randy Blue he jumped at the chance. I like Colby a lot because he's not like most of our other models. He's a little older than a lot of our guys and with that comes a lot more experience. He's got a great pelt of brown chest hair that I had to really resist running my fingers through. It runs down to a nice healthy patch on his tight stomach, just a bit wide to be a treasure trail but not covering his entire torso. He's got amazing broad shoulders that give him a very angular appearance. Tall and well built, he looks as sexy all dressed up as he does fully naked. And those big brown eyes of his will get you every time. I think my favorite thing about watching Colby in action is how vocal he is. If you're looking at this from work, turn down your speakers. If you're watching at home, pump it up, sit back and enjoy. He really gets into it and he wants you to know how much. Whether he's playfully fingering his puckering hole or stroking that beautiful cock, he loves every moment of it and you will too. And speaking of cock, this thing is a work of art. Quite a handful with just the right shape and texture. You can tell why he enjoys playing with it so much. And really, who wouldn't? This guy's got it all, and when he comes, it's like a gusher that just keeps going and going.


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