Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Diferentes Fotos 17

Bedtime Stories Album outtake
Cosmopolitan outtake 2015
Desperately Seeking Susan
Evento de boxeo, 1997
Herb Ritts The Golden Hour Outtake
Like a Virgin, Blond Ambition Tour
Living For Love video
Madonna & baby Lola Photographed by Herb Ritts 1997
Madonna '80 outtake
Madonna and Cesaria Evora
Madonna and Christopher Ciccone 1998
Madonna and Jimmy Nail during the “Evita” rehearsals
Madonna and Michael Gross 1986
Madonna At The Chalet In Gstaad 2015
Madonna Backstage with U2 at the Zoo TV Tour 2009
Madonna Diva Muse Family Guy  Ritchie, Rocco  Ritchie & Lola Leon
Madonna during Blond Ambition Tour
Madonna in Le Grand Journal 2015
Madonna in New York, circa 1995
Madonna in Wetten Dass 1995
Madonna Meeting With The Governor Jose Serra In Sao Paulo 2013
Madonna Poses in Seductive Shoot as She Appears Fully Recovered After that Brit Awards Fall
Madonna with MTV presenter Juliette Hohnen at the premiere of Bruce Willis' new movie, Mercury Rising, at the Academy Theatre in Beverly Hills - 1998
Madonna with Olga 2014
Madonna, Carlos León and the chihuahuas pet
Madonna, Demi Moore and John Leguizamo
Madonna’s Birthday at Liquid Club with Ingrid Casares and Stephen Dorff, 1997
Madonna’s Party in Paris 2015

Mert & Marcus outtake 2010
Photographed by Iain McKell 1983
Q Magazine outtake 2008

Sex Outtake
Sin información
Madonna and Jenny Shimizu c. 1994
Sorry video
The Immaculate Collection photoshoot outtake
Tomas Morillo outtake
Truth Or Dare Perfume outtake
Vanity Fair with the Crew 1997

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