Friday, March 13, 2015

Madonna Instagram Q&A #askmadonna

zizibello: Which song do you want to sing most on tour?
I’m really looking forward to Holy Water.

Alinattybee: Can you incorporate yourself in one word?
I can incorporate myself into three words: Bitch, I’m Madonna

@katerina_mandarina: What sort of question about Russia would you raise if you had a chance to meet with Vladimir Putin?
Bitch get off my pole.

jayjaywilson_76: Can you please replace the speakers on my car? I’ve been playing Rebel Heart too loud.
Depends on how much it costs, what will you do in return? Earn those speakers bitch.

madonnasfffu: If the world would really turn to dust tomorrow, what would you do today?
Chatting with my fans

_malin4ik_: Do you remember you kids’ fist words or just some other funny words they’ve ever told you?
“No” is the first word my daughter said to me and she’s still saying it.

billyasksmadonna: You say New York city was more fun in the 80s. What’s something that’s actually better about New York today?
THere are more vegan restaurants, more whole foods… thats it.

1ofdem: I want to know if you regret not releasing a song as a single from any of your previous albums? In my case I wanted “Thief of Hearts”
Thief of hearts is too submersive, it would never get played on the radio.

impossiblehoney: Why did you leave tragic girl off of rebel heart?
I ran out of space
Madonna: And why are you listening to leaked demos

lucerogabrielhernan: Hola #madonna choose 3 songs of #rebelheart 1) To make love 1) To fuck and 1) to say good bye #AskMadonna @madonna @guyoseary
Madonna: Best Night to Make Love, Holy Water to f*ck and Unapologetic Bitch to say goodbye

coryk85: What does a guy have to do the dream come true and to meet you?
Madonna: Do something remarkable...
Madonna: And then get in touch with me

sujismundos: Just say YES!
Madonna: Well if you put it like that a girl can't refuse!

kenny_des_choses: what is your guilty pleasure?
Madonna: I don't have any guilty pleasures I don’t feel guilty about anything.

jamesbermudean: Look at me
Madonna: I'm looking at you okay I'm looking at you! you got my attention

rebelheart_123: Where do you get the inspiration to write your songs?
Madonna: By living. Just living (and dating the wrong men...)

mayiasd: Madonna, do you remember your kids' first words or just some other funny words they've ever told you?
Madonna: "No" is the first word my daughter said to me.
Madonna: And she's still saying it.

jerichoaudio: What are some of your favorite prayers?
Hail Mary and Ana Be'K'oach.

olga_coolova: My name is Olga, and your dog's name is Olga☺ How did you decide to give your dog such an unusual name?
Madonna: By being an unusual person.

erebelheartg:  I noticed that sock bitch gets really close to when talking, does he have sock breath?
She has some kind of an odor, probably related to athlete's foot.

raphaelmakeup: Hi Madonna, in Graffiti Heart Lyrics you talk about Frida Kahlo and I know you're a huge fan of her work. What paint of her is your favorite?
Madonna: The one that I have. Self Portrait with Monkeys.

shycharles: Do you like the harp? Ever tried to play? Apart from Cherish in Blonde Ambition and Lament in Reinvention, have you used #harp anywhere in your work?
There is a live harp playing in Messiah, and I love it.

radekjoszua: Hi Madonna, I would like to know what book you've read recently?
I have read the biography of Bob Bossi.

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