Saturday, March 21, 2015


A sexy Madonna
A younger Madonna
American Life era
By Steven Meisel (1992)
Cherish (on the set, 1989)
Express Yourself (on the set, 1989)
For Smash Hits (1991)
Girlie Show age
La Isla Bonita (rare)
Like a Prayer era
Madonna '82
Madonna & Tarantino
 Material Girl

Mientras filmaba el videoclip de Express yourself
NYC 1985, with Jeff Beck, Diana Ross, Nile Rodgers & Jellybean Benitez
On the set of Fog and Shadows
Portada del single Burning Up
Rare Madonna & Steven Meisel (1983)
SEX Book
The Immaculate Collection era
True Blue era
Versace '00s
Virgin Tour era

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