Friday, February 29, 2008

First Review for the Album "Hard Candy"

Candy Store - This is the same exact as the version which leaked months and months ago. (And we briefly talked about this on our community several weeks ago).

4 Minutes - Very high energy, back and forth between Madonna and Justin Timberlake the whole song. Timbaland speaks throughout, but does not rap nor sing on the track. The song ends with a breakdown and Timbaland's voice. The horn/trumpet sound we hear in the jingle ball clip lasts throughout the entire song. The song ends in kind of a breakdown. Madonna's final words are "tick tock tick tock tick tock" then the beat changes and the horns stop as it goes into a breakdown, with a few more "tick tocks" and Timbaland saying, ''uh , yeah... we only got four minutes'', beats stop, now silence... "to save the world" add Timbaland.

Give It 2 Me - Funky, dancey track, this time by Pharrell Williams, who is heard on the track.

Heartbeat - Has an 80's feel, totally catchy. Think "Future Lovers" only better! The chorus reflects one of the true Madonna/Pop moments on the album.

Miles Away - Melodic, haunting, while still catering to the target audience of this album. One of the best songs.

She's Not Me - Hip-Hop, cool, fresh, sexy and EDGY. Madonna sings to a partner about another girl and how this girl just can't measure up to Madonna. She tell him, "she can love you in the shower" but "she doesn't have my name".

Incredible - A sleeper track, this one is subtle at first, but its groovy beats can make it grow into a fan favorite.

Beat Goes On - Completely different, less melody and more beat driven than the demo that was leaked. As we already revealed on December 4, Kanye West raps rather long verse at the end.

Dance Tonight - This is a fun one. Totally old school, Madonna and Justin duet. Simple wood block beat throughout. "Inspirational" Hey You-ish bits in the chorus about not needing to be rich, famous and beautiful to be understood, with dance/club driven verses and bridge.

Spanish Lesson - In this filler Madonna speaks in various languages and keeps with the urban theme.

Devil - Previously known to fans as "Even the Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", it's neither a ballad nor a dance song. Could more fittingly be compared to hte being the "Isaac" of the album. Fate, angels, stars, disguises and lies make up this cool, dark track that will have you "keep on comin' back for more" as one lyric goes.

Voices - Madonna stays with her recent theme of keeping the more wordy, reflective songs for her last track with this one. Probably the most lyrically deep song on the album, the song poses a range of trippy question to the listener subject and it has a bit of a slower tempo while still keeping a hot hip hop beat.

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