Thursday, December 18, 2014

Madonna’s Unreleased (but leaked) New Album

Living For Love and its anthemic chorus that will remind you of the best 90s dance songs is one of them. It really is the best song of all and it’s basically a modern-day Like a Prayer crossed with a Disclosure track (which can only be a good thing, right ?). It is the album’s supposed lead single and that would be the most clever choice.

Bitch, I’m Madonna and Unapologetic Bitch are really crazy-sounding (as their producer -Diplo- said a few days ago) but they actually sound so fresh and entertaining. Illuminati is also incredible and it’s nice to hear Madonna referring to her best enemy, Lady GaGa. The song’s beat is crazy and it could be a great tour opener.

There is also something that we would call a musical UFO in this album. Indeed, Make The Devil Pray's instrumental was inspired by folk music and well… We can't say we don't like it but it was very surprising. However, we loved the religious references in the lyrics. Revolution also starts with acoustic guitars and claps and would have fit perfectly in Madonna’s latino or gypsy parts during her tours.

And then there are the Avicii tracks. We already knew Wash All Over Me and even though it is fun and its lyrics are good, it really is not a good song. Addicted (The One That Got Away) is better but it still sounds really weird and quite dated. Hopefully it will be better with clearer vocals. The same can be said about Borrowed Time. We liked its acoustic intro but the rest screams Avicii. Rebel Heart is still amazing and should be track #1 on the finished product. Its lyrics sum up the album’s atmosphere pretty well.

Finally, the collection also include some ballads and that is where you realize the most that you are listening to demos. For example, Messiah could be grandiose but Madonna’s voice is not deep enough. We loved the orchestra part though. Joan Of Arc sounds unfinished too (but that is fair considering it was not supposed to leak). The lyrics are really beautiful though and it unveils Madge’s unsuspected vulnerability. The last song was Heartbreak City and it is one of the best tracks of the pack. Once again, Madonna decides to be honest and to drop the mask. The lyrics are indeed heartbreaking.

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