Friday, February 27, 2015

Madonna At The Jonathan Ross Show

The taping of the Jonathan Ross Show has just finished at the London Studios.

* Madonna performed two songs at the show: a remix of Living For Love and Ghosttown.
* She was joined by a three piece band, two backing singers, and several minotaur dancers.
* She had two costume changes, wore one for Living For Love and another for Ghosttown and her interview. She wore Marc Jacobs and kept going on about how much she loved the skirt and boots she was wearing
* Madonna has long term work plans: the upcoming Tour finishes in February 2016, she will the take the Summer off, and start directing a new film after.
* Madonna obviously spoke a lot about last night’s performance at the Brit Awards. She hasn’t and won’t watch it
* The reason behing the accident was a last minute change to the Brits performance: she was made to walk longer on the catwalk and the final version of her cape was heavier than anticipated so it was tied tighter as was so heavy and she hadn’t rehearsed taking it off
* At the point of falling she knew she had a decision – be strangled or fall. She knows how to fall off horses so she chose to fall
* Madonna also revealed that she actually fell on her head – not her arse – and was up until 3am being checked for concussions
* She was heartbroken as the performance wasn’t magic
* After the next film she will be directing Madonna wants to do a sit down comedy tour and already has ideas for it!

And on the more personal side…
* Madonna told Jonathan Ross she’s single at the moment
* She said she divorced Guy Ritchie because timing was wrong
* Her kids love her music but she doesn’t want them going pre-Vogue
* She learned what hench means
* And she invented a word – “macubia”
* Madonna thinks all her kids would be creative
* She admits she’d taken drugs , wouldn’t want to tell Lola what to do as it would be hypocritical – but says whenever she’s taken drugs she just wanted to drink tons of water to flush them out
* Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone are friend now and she’s forgiven him for the book (Life with my sister Madonna)

And there’s more…
* She told one gay in the audience his dress sense was probably why he hadn’t had a date in 15 years
* She asked for a dirty martini which never arrived
* Her favourite clothing era was Blond Ambition
* All of her old tour costumes are safe in a warehouse
* Her favourite films that she’s acted in are Dick Tracy and Evita
* She sang an impromptu duet of the song Getting To Know You with her show host, Jonathan Ross
* She loves that she paved the way for women like Miley Cyrus to be sexual in their shows
* Contrary to recent rumours she does not regret the Sex book
* Her daughter Lola messaged her to say she disapproved of her flashing her ass at the Grammys
* She has to get Lola‘s permission before she posts photos of her (Lola) on the Internet

On working on the album…
* She really wanted to record her Rebel Heart album with British duo Disclosure but as they were busy during the Summer with festivals their schedules didn’t match. She hopes to work with them in the future
* Working with Kanye West was tough as he is busy with fashion lines and other projects as well as her
* She mentioned her new song Joan of Arc and how she doesn’t regret anything but still gest hurt

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