Saturday, April 11, 2015

Madonna’s Lost Nudes 36 Years in the Making

Madonna is the all-time pop music champion. She’s won seven Grammys, sold over 300 million records and just released Rebel Heart, her 13th album. She’s also a sex icon that pushed boundaries long before Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. Look no further than her artful nude pictorial in the September 1985 issue of Playboy to see Madonna’s pursuit of sexual freedom.
For the upcoming May issue of Playboy Martin H.M. Schreiber, one of the photographers who shot the Material Girl for the 1985 pictorial, returns to the magazine with a feature titled “Madonna: The Lost Nudes.” In 1979 Madonna posed for an ethereal photo shoot in his Manhattan studio, before she became the pop diva we know today. These images are collected in a book showcasing Schreiber’s work called A Retrospective 1966-2014 (Duncan Meeder/Leica Store Lisse, Netherlands), which will hit bookshelves this June. Take a look at this incredible shoot.

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