Saturday, April 04, 2015

Outtakes 3


'80 Japan pic
1980 Richard Corman
1981 Rare
1982 Martin Burgoyne
1983 Cunningham
1983 Peter Anderson Outtake

1984 Patrique Gamet
1984 Hero Itoh 
1985 Ken Regan
1986 Madonna Vanity Fair
1986 Papa don't preach rare
1986 Ritts Outtake
1989 Herb Ritts

2005 Steven Klein Confessions On A Dance Floor Album Shoot
2010 Madonna by Alas Piggott for Interview
2014 L'Uomo Magazine

Bettina Rheims 1994

Blond Ambition booktour 1990

Body of evidence making of

Cherish rare pic

Confessions outtake

Confessions Tourbook

Deborah Feingold 1982

Herb Ritts 1985

Herb Ritts 1987

Herb Ritts 1989

Herb Ritts Outake Gaultier

Herman Kulkens 1977

Madonna con Lourdes (año 2000)

Martin Burgoyne


On SNL (Getting some early practice on perfecting her faux British accent while playing Princess Di in the sketch “Nancy Reagan Meets Charles & Di.”)

On SNL (Giving off some “La Isla Bonita” vibes as ‘Marika’ in the sketch “El Spectaculare De Marika.”)

On SNL (She shared the stage with Robert Downey Jr.)

On SNL (Terry Sweeney as ‘Clint Weston’ and Madonna as ‘Melinda Zumont’ in the sketch “Pinklisting,” which was social commentary on the growing paranoia of AIDS in Hollywood)

Outtakes by Steven Klein and Mert & Marcus

Papa Don't Preach Rodaje Video

Pink Wig

Richard Corman 1982

Steven Meisel - Louis Vuitton Campaign (making of)

Steven Meisel

Tom Munro outtake

Tony Frank

Versace 1995 (Mario Testino)

Virgin Tourbook

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