Tuesday, March 20, 2007

James Purefoy

Born on June 03, 1964 in Somerset, England, James Purefoy visited the Sherbourn School in Dorset and studied Art at the Central School Of Speech + Drama in London. After his examination he became a member of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) and played Edgar in "King Lear", Ferdinand in "The Tempest" and MacDuff in "MacBeth".

In the 90ies James got his first roles on the tv screen and in movies. James, whose complete name's James Brian Mark Purefoy, played beside other projects in "Sharpe's Sword", "Bedrooms and Hallways" and "Maybe Baby".

But the big success came first with his play as the Black Prince Of Wales in "A Knight's Tale". An offer for taking part in the movie of the computer game "Resident Evil" had followed and had been shown Spring 2002 in the cinemas. And it seems James has found fun by doing knight movies he accepted the offer for a further fantasy epos "George And The Dragon" - filming took part 2002 in Luxembourg. One year later he did working on "Vanity Fair" - a satire who's settled during the napoleonic wars.

His latest project - "Rome", a drama series about Caesar and Mark Antony - is now on tv in the U.S.A. Some times ago he was treating for the part of James Bond, but didn't get the part finally. In his spare time he likes to meet friends in his fave Pub Anglesea Arms in London. Mr. Purefoy is currently living in London.


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